The Holy Cross Chapel was built 1901-1904, dedicated April 14,1904. The building’s deficiencies exist because seismic design was not required in building standards at the time of construction. Building codes did not address the need for earthquake resistance until after the San Fernando Earthquake in 1971.

The existing structure is currently inadequate to resist seismic loads based on modern earthquake knowledge and building codes. There are a significant number of concerns that need to be addressed related to the building’s capacity to withstand a seismic event and to protect the public from hazardous conditions immediately thereafter. The building’s seismic deficiencies are consistent with similar buildings of the same age.

Below is a brief summary of the recommended seismic improvements:

  • Increase the width of the expansion joint between the chapel and the hospital
  • Improve chapel balcony attachment to exterior walls
  • Epoxy inject all cracks in masonry walls larger than 1/8”
  • Reinforce first floor masonry walls with plywood shear walls or fiber reinforced polymer sheets
  • Improve floor and roof attachments to exterior walls
  • Overlay existing floor and roof sheathing with plywood
  • Tie multiple withes of masonry together with helical wall ties
  • Seismically brace building contents and furnishings
  • Replace or seismically brace mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems

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